Light Walk - digital light installation for urban & rural walkways, 2019

Light Walk is a collaboration from FIADHAICH and designer Jon Street @ The Moth Factory.

The purpose of Light Walk is to create an educational and fun experience of Scottish history that is interactive. On ‘walkabout’ in the Hebrides themes of light, language and digital installation in relation to ancient and historic sites will be explored. Research will inspire designs for a participatory, outdoor installation which fuses traditional and contemporary narratives.

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Muir is Tìr - Residency, August 2018

‘Muir is Tìr’ is a ten-day programme run by Sail Britain and An Lanntair, exploring the cultural heritage and identity of the Outer Hebrides and the extraordinary beauty of the island landscape from land and sea. Muir is Tìr uses the land and seascapes of the Outer Hebrides as a venue and research arena, offering a window into the language and culture of the islands through an involved and participatory approach.

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Las!/ Ignite! Festival - October 2018

Outer Hebridean youngsters takeover An Lanntair arts centre with their “Las! / Ignite!” Festival.

A group of creative young people from the Outer Hebrides plan to ‘take over’ An Lanntair in October with an eclectic Festival of events that focus on some of the major issues facing young people in Scotland’s island communities.

The theme for the Las! / Ignite! Festival is ‘Change’. A free-to-attend Symposium event will help young people explore creative careers, from jewellery to game design. A panel of local youngsters will take on the challenge of “I’m an islander, get me out of here!”, discussing together some of the lesser-known challenges and opportunities that present island youth growing up in the Outer Hebrides.

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The Workroom, Residency - February 2019

Moving Myth | A ‘gluasad uirsgeul

An R&D residency @ The Work Room offers FIADHAICH space to bring sourced material from the outdoors into the studio; to further research choreographic relations and translations of qualities, atmospheres and themes within Gaelic sailing language and coastal place names. Inspired by place names born of the crofting community at Isle of Berneray. Choreographic material is in conjunction with relevant tidal and wind charts of the Minch (easterly coastal area) in the Outer Hebrides. As well as descriptive language like the examples below:

Ioma – shruth: whirling tidal eddies. Muc-mhara: whale. Mircean: edible seaweed. Bàrr-staimh: tangle. (Muir is Tìr, George Macleod, published 2005, Isle of Lewis)

Sgeir Sgoilte – S.W. of the island of Neartay. Sgoilte is the Gaelic for cleft, splintered or cracked, etc. Split Skerry. An Caolas Mór – Off the south coast of Tathay Isle, an caolas, the fairway;Mor is the G. for big. The Big Fairway. (Sea-Names of Berneray, Donald Mackillop, published 1989, Inverness)

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